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תרומתכם מוקדשת באופן מלא לקידום החינוך המוסיקלי במבשרת ציון: מלגות לימודים, רכישת כלי

נגינה וציוד ופעילויות מיוחדות לתלמידנו. אנו אסירי תודה על כל תרומה, שעושה שינוי אמיתי!

ניתן לתרום בהמחאה לפקודת עמותת המוסיקון, או בהעברה בנקאית לפרטים הבאים:

עמותת המוסיקון, בנק דיסקונט, סניף מבשרת ציון (510), חשבון 5042633.

התרומות מוכרות לצרכי מס לפי סעיף 46א' לפקודת מס הכנסה.

אישור מוסד ציבורי לעניין תרומות ע.ר. 580231249.

להורדת אישור ניהול תקין

Friends of the Musicon - We need your assistance!

Who are we?   


Friends of the Musicon is a 30-years old association whose goal is to develop and support music education in the picturesque town of Mevasseret-Zion, in the mountains on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Our musical activities reach more than two thousand participants of all ages on a weekly basis.

We support most of the teachers in the local conservatory --- thirty teachers, who teach 150 children and direct choirs and musical youth ensembles.

We are involved with any project in town that has to do with music. We are currently building a new music club that will serve children and youth at-risk; we fund music lessons for people with special needs; and we are responsible for educational music programs in kindergartens and in schools.  We assist many children from lower socioeconomic status through scholarships and with the purchasing of expensive musical instruments.  For many children and youth, our musical activity plays a major role in their lives; for some, it is a real lifesaver.


We need your assistance

We need your assistance! In these difficult times, music is more important than ever to our children.  Every scholarship that we can give means that a child can keep music as a part of her or his life.



For any further inquiries, feel free to contact us.


We will be grateful for every donation. We accept donations through PEF Israel.

You can also contribute directly to the Musicon Organization in Israel:

Yasmin st. 5, in Moledet school,

Mevasseret Zion, 90805, Israel

Thank you!


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